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Joe Kilgallon

Born and raised in Chicago, Joe Kilgallon has been performing stand-up comedy since 2006. With a background in improv and sketch writing, Joe fuses well-polished material with riffing and crowd work to construct a perfectly well-rounded act. His in-your-face style and charismatic charm help Joe paint stories drawn heavily from personal experience and his Chicago-Irish roots, making him an instant favorite and the type of comedian everyone wants to share a drink with after the show. Since 2011, Joe has hit the road hard performing in cities across the country including LA, New Orleans, Washington DC, St. Louis, Cleveland, and even a stop in Toronto, Canada.


The Comedy Bar Kickass Showcase
STAGE 773 - The Box June 12
7:00 PM
Naked Sports Live Podcast
STAGE 773 - The Cabaret June 11
8:30 PM


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