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Double Threat: Kellye Howard & Brianna Baker (BEDE)

Double the pleasure, double the fun! Two comics with complementing styles team up for a super-sized stand-up bill.

Illinois native Kellye Howard has the energy of a two year-old, the mind of a teenage runaway, and the heart of puppy, which kind of makes her the comedic equivalent to Frankenstein’s adorable kid sister. Except instead of destroying villages with insatiable fury, Kellye destroys audiences with her hilarious dissections of stereotypes of societal expectations.  With television appearances on Comedy Central, OWN’s My Life is a Joke, and Nickelodeon, it’s only a matter of time until Kellye establishes herself as a true monster of comedy.

When Brianna Baker was a child, she was “Bede” a gender-neutral kid that marched to the beat of her own Talkboy. In this autobiographical performance, the audience meets Bede, a biracial tomboy living in small town Illinois. Along the way, the complex picture of Bede is painted as the audience is introduced to several people from her childhood, including her mother, grandmothers, sister, and even strangers. Some kids feel the need to conform, some make an effort be non-conformist, and some, like Bede, didn’t know people could choose to be anything but who they are. Almost everyone in Bede’s life has a problem with who she is, because they aren’t quite sure how to define her. Does she want to be a boy? Is she a lesbian? Does she just like dressing like a boy? Does like boys? As she grows older, she starts becoming increasingly more aware of her outsider status, and isn’t sure how to balance her desire to stay true to herself, while also accepting changes, as most people do as they grow older.

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Double Threat: Kellye Howard & Brianna Baker (BEDE)
Kellye Howard , Brianna Baker (BEDE)
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 11
8:30 PM

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