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Offspring Rolls (or ''little bundles of joy'')
Baby Boom
Travelin' Through Thyme and Onion Tart 3
Back To The Future (Part 3)
Good Chop Bad Chop
Bad Boys
On the Lamb Rack
Sharon Stone-Crab Cakes
Basic Instinct
Super-Hero Sandwiches
Batman & Robin
Wild Animal Crackers
Beastmaster, The
Dearly Departed Sole
Nutty Buddies
Best Friends
'Goin to the Chapel' Chicken Rollups
Betsy's Wedding
Suffering Succotash
Better Off Dead
Stinking Rich Blue Cheese Souffle
Beverly Hills Cop II
Hex Benedict
Napoleon's 'Bone-Apart' Snapper Sandwiches
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bird on a Wire
Bird On A Wire
Retro Raviolis
Blast From the Past
High Caliber Shells
Blue Steel
Martin's 'Nuts
Blue Streak
Blues Brothers Funky Chicken
Blues Brothers, The
Still on the Lamb Raviolis
Bourne Supremacy, The
Breakfast Club Sandwich, The
Breakfast Club, The
Rolling in Dough Homemade Ballpark Pretzels
Brewster's Millions
Fatty Cakes
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Filet of Soul Mate
Brothers, The
Biscuits to Die For with One Foot in the Gravy
Bucket List, The
Paul Reuben Sandwich
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Whoopi's Combination Lox & Bagel

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