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Ba-nanny Bread
Corrina, Corrina
Baby Steppin' Ka-Bobs
What About Bob?
Baked Hamlet
Renaissance Man
Banana Kick Splits
Barn Raisin' Bread
Batter-Up Bundt Cake
Major League
Batter-up Ballpark Pretzels
Field Of Dreams
Be All That You Can Beef Stroganoff
Beggars Purses
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Big Foot Foot Longs
Harry And The Hendersons
Big Jerked Chicken
The Jerk
Big Pigs in a Blanket
Police Academy
Bigass Bear Claws
Without a Paddle
Bikini Linguini with Hang Tenderloins
Point Break
Bird on a Wire
Bird On A Wire
Tin Cup
Biscuits to Die For (with One Foot in the Gravy)
Biscuits to Die For with One Foot in the Gravy
Bucket List, The
Bite Your Tongue Tacos
Look Who's Talking Too
Black Bow Ties
Wedding Crashers
Black and White Cheesecake
Remember the Titans
Black and White Piru-ets
Save the Last Dance
Blackened Sole with Internal Damnation Sauce
Devil's Advocate, The
Blazing Drumsticks
Blues Brothers Funky Chicken
Blues Brothers, The
Bluto's Beer Chili
National Lampoon's Animal House
Boat Rockin' Shrimp Ceviche
Failure to Launch
Bon Bons.......James Bon Bons
Diamonds Are Forever
Boys Will Be Boysenberry Pie
Stand by Me
Problem Child 2
Breaker...Breaker Banana Cream Pie
Smokey And The Bandit
Breakfast Club Sandwich, The
Breakfast Club, The
Breakfast for Dinner
Independence Day
Bridget Fondue
Point Of No Return
Bruce's Demi Tasse Cappucino Cheesecake
Hudson Hawk
Bumpin' Grinders
Dirty Dancing
Butcher Holler Ham Hocks and Collards
Coal Miner's Daughter

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