Conversation with Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, producer, writer, and director of House of Payne, was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about his new hit family comedy.

Q: What inspired the idea of House of Payne?
A: I wanted to create a series that was similar to what my movies are, something that is very funny but has life lessons throughout. I thought about shows like All in the Family, Good Times and Roseanne when I was creating this series. Everyone watched those shows because they made you laugh and had heart, and House of Payne is the same way.

Q: What is House of Payne about?
A: The Paynes are three generations living under one roof. The story begins when CJ and his family move into the house of his aunt and uncle, a fact that no one is really happy about. CJ has two children, and his aunt and uncle have very different ideas about raising kids. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to the Paynes. They make you laugh and cry and touch your heart all at the same time.

Q: Whatís the greatest challenge in doing a show like House of Payne?
A: Our production schedule is one of the greatest challenges. We are doing three episodes a week so that by the end of the year, we would have done 100 episodes.

Q: What can viewers expect to see in House of Payne?
A: House of Payne looks like real people. Itís real people with real issues, dealing with drug addictions and family and trying to overcome that. And thereís a cantankerous father who is extremely funny.

Q: What kind of messages do you think the audience will take away from House of Payne?
A: I think the most that they will take away from the show is the importance of family and how important the unit and structure is, the mother and father role and how the two of them can change the world being together. Of late, a lot of African-American sitcoms do not show the mother and father together. This show functions as a lesson on how we love and care for each other, and it will set a good example for what the home should be.

Q: Why is TBS a good place for House of Payne?
A: TBS is a good place for House of Payne because they were not afraid to partner with me and change the model of how sitcoms are done.

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