Reuben Cannon - Executive Producer

Reuben Cannon, Executive Producer for House of Payne, was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Tyler Perry's new family comedy.

Q: How did you get involved in House of Payne, and how did the series come to be?
A: Tyler and I worked together in the past on several movie projects, and he began discussing the idea of doing a television series. The way Tyler and I work is that itís his job to think and dream of the idea, and itís mine to make it happen. I worked on a sitcom years ago called Amen, so I used my knowledge of what worked and didnít work in the past to assist in developing our plan for this series. I immediately began thinking about writers and had one develop a test script. While filming Madeaís Family Reunion in 2005 on a plantation in Lexington, Ga., a plantation that once housed 1,300 slaves, a writing sample for House of Payne arrived, and I could tell from Tylerís laughter that the writer had the right voice and pulse of the series. It was a very monumental moment as descendants of slaves who once worked on this very land and were never rewarded or recognized for their work were reading a script for an independent sitcom that was created, executive produced, written and directed by black people. The vision of success for this series was attainable and is now House of Payne.

Q: What is House of Payne about?
A: House of Payne is about a family, a family that is at different stages and places in their lives. They are a hybrid of many things: comedy, romance, spirituality and drama. All these things are evident in the series. They are three generations all under one roof trying to get along while dealing with the complexities of life and covering a broad spectrum of relatable family issues.

Q: How is it to work with the cast?

A: The cast works well together because many of them have been working together for many years via Tylerís plays. They have great chemistry and trust each other because of the history they have. This is a dream cast.

Q: What does each character add to the realism of the show?
A: Each character adds an element of realism. They have conflicts as they experience real life trials and tribulations, but at the core, they are real people living and loving one another. These characters hold on to their individuality while remaining true to who they are and to the family.

Q: Why is House of Payne a good fit for TBS?
A: House of Payne is a good fit for TBS because there is a link between the independent spirit of Turner and the independent nature of Tyler Perry. This series was created and shot in Atlanta, the home of TBS, so what better network to air the series.

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: The way Tyler is able to direct the episodes and take scenes that are already funny and utilize his creative genius to enhance what was conceptualized makes me laugh.

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