Conversation with Cassi Davis

Cassi Davis was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Tyler Perry's new hit family comedy House of Payne.

Q: How did you get involved in House of Payne?
A: In 2004 I was touring in Madea’s Goes to Jail, and one day Tyler mentioned he had a television sitcom concept, and he began explaining it to me and LaVan Davis. We continued to talk and react to his idea about the series, and one day he turned around and said we would be perfect for the show. So the dream came to reality.

Q: Describe your character and her relationship to the Payne family.
A: Ella Payne is the matriarch of the family, and she is the voice of reason. She is the love and solace behind the Payne family. However, she is submissive to her husband and she reveres him as the head of the household.

Q: What is so realistic about House of Payne?
A: The subject matters are very realistic. We deal with issues that families in mainstream America deal with. Curtis and Ella are a loving couple, and they openly display affection, which is not often seen of someone in this age bracket on television.

Q: Why is House of Payne a good fit for TBS?
A: I grew up on TBS, and my passion for watching TBS has been that the programming speaks to the heart. They have shows that people can relate to, and its television for all. Whenever you see TBS, you think this is going to be funny and very good, which easily fits House of Payne.

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: LaVan Davis makes me laugh, and Tyler Perry is laughter at its height.

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