Conversation with Larramie "Doc" Shaw

Larramie Shaw was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Tyler Perry's new hit family comedy House of Payne.

Q: How did you get involved in House of Payne?
A: I heard about the casting of a young boy for Tyler Perry’s series House of Payne. I asked my mother to submit my headshot and resume to the casting director, and within a few weeks I was called for an audition. I did a second interview a week later and soon got the call that I was chosen to play Malik Payne.

Q: Describe your character, Malik Payne?
A: Malik is the smart, somewhat nerdy, 12-year-old son of CJ and Janine. He’s not very athletic, but great at math, computers and playing video games. Without trying, he has become a smaller version of his great Uncle Curtis. Overall, he’s a good kid, but occasionally makes bad decisions.

Q: What is a typical day on set like?
A: A typical day on set is like going to visit your family and friends. First of all, there’s a moment of meditation, breakfast, speaking to staff and cast, and going over the line up for that day. Next there’s a brief talk with Mr. Perry and other cast members to go over what is expected that particular day.

Q: How do you like working with the rest of the cast?
A: I love working with the cast. We are a family on and off the screen.

Q: What is it like working with Tyler Perry?
A: Working with Mr. Perry is the answer to my prayers. He is not only my boss; he is my role model and educator. After a long day of work he always has something funny and positive to say.

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