Season 1: Episode 2: I Can Cry If I Want To

As he does every birthday, Curtis decides to “refresh” his look, which includes teeth-bleaching, a new hair color and a return to his rookie uniform, which is way too small for him. He heads off to work while Ella and the rest of the family plan a surprise birthday party. When Janine shows up without a cake and without the money that Ella gave her, things seem a little odd. And when the surprise party finally comes around, Curtis isn’t happy at all. He realizes he’s getting older. Just then, a four-alarm fire calls Curtis, CJ and Calvin away, after which Curtis’ oldest friend, Brown, overstays his welcome. When the guys return, they deliver the news that the house that burned down belonged to CJ. After it has been decided that CJ and his family will stay with Curtis and Ella for the time being, Curtis lays down the law on how the house is going to be run.

Enjoy a good laugh with our hilarious House of Payne show quotes.

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