Movie & a Makeover - Cinda Boomershine

Whether it is a room interior or her latest travel bag, Cinda Boomershine's designs are renowned for their fresh and sassy mix of fashion, function, and accessibility. Equipped with an MBA and a background in design, residential construction, and marketing, Cinda set out to redesign the traditional interior designer and client relationship. Cinda provided clients with both a design for their space and an instructional how-to guide for that design. This user-friendly approach took off. Cinda soon found herself living out of a weekend bag going from job to job. When she couldn't find a great looking overnight bag that didn't cost heaps of cash, she designed her own. And the line of Cinda B weekend bags was born. Cinda B, Inc., encompasses both the interiors division and the line of travel bags. In her spare time, Cinda enjoys traveling with her husband & dog, entertaining, and participating in adventure sports.

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