They can make you show up, but they can't make you work! Show your defiance of their authority with these clever workplace wallpapers.

For PC users: Place mouse cursor over the desired wallpaper. Click the right button on the mouse and select the "set as desktop background" option. This should automatically set the image as your desktop wallpaper.

For Mac users: Place mouse cursor over the desired wallpaper. Hold down the control key and click the mouse. Select the "use image as desktop" option. The wallpaper should automatically be set as your desktop wallpaper.

Girl, if God created anything less pitiful than you, I hope he kept it for himself.
From now on, all employees will be required to bring their sense of humor to work every day. This replaces the normal practice of having a stick up your butt.
I'm tired of giving in. I give in everyday of my life! I give in to my boss, I give in to my neighbors, I even give in and buy American. And when that breaks, I buy American again!

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