Summer Spirit

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Summer Spirit

Summer Indulgences are some of the best! Basking in the warmth of sunshine is one of the greatest seasonal pleasures and it’s free! A little sun is the best source of vitamin D, the nutrient getting all the kudos at the moment for prevention of many cancers and even for weight management. But avoid the burn at all costs with safe sunscreens. That means no synthetic chemicals, look for natural minerals instead. Beyond 15 minutes a day for that dose of D, you need protection. Choose “sunblocks” instead of “sunscreens”—look for titanium dioxide and or zinc on the label. Then, bask in those glorious rays! It will boost your feel good hormones, too—but you already knew that.

Looking to “let go” of a few pounds from your beach body this season? Start with your mind, your psyche and your emotions and then revel in how effortlessly the rest falls into place—the diet and exercise, etc. A psychological tool called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is becoming increasingly popular among the spa-going set, along with long-time devotes among the Hollywood elite and competitive athletics. Dr. Melissa Grill Petersen, who has served as Wellness Director and consultant to world-class spas [], says that NLP gives clients all the psychological tools they need to reach and maintain their ideal weight in holistic, healthy and highly-effective ways. This sophisticated form of hypnotherapy is not the hocus pocus we’ve seen in the movies, this is valid therapy. “The guided meditations and NLP coaching sessions are very successful in lifestyle transformation,” says the HNLP Master Coach Practitioner, “which is the key to transforming the body,” adds Grill Petersen.

Generally, we can all be more mindful of the words we use and how we frame things. NLP shows just how powerful words can be. For example, it is recommended to use the term “letting go” of weight that we don’t need, instead of using the word, “lose”, since the subconscious interprets “lose weight” as something to be avoided. The subconscious doesn’t want to lose anything and when loss happens the subconscious needs to get it back. This simple semantic could be a factor in yo-yo dieting.

If you don’t have access to a world class spa or Master Practitioner in your area, Dr. Grill Petersen offers CD products on her website. There are even meditations to improve your golf game.

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