How to Marry a Moron (2)     Mon. May, 30 at 06:00 am
Al objects to Kelly marrying an armed robber, until he discovers that he's the heir to a family fortune.

Pilot     Mon. May, 30 at 06:30 am
Al and Peg Bundy meet their newlywed neighbors, Steve and Marcy Rhoades. Peg informs Marcy how to train her new husband, while Al teaches Steve how to be a man again.

Thinergy     Mon. May, 30 at 07:00 am
Marcy enlightens Peggy with a new diet book called "Thinergy," a program which only works if both partners go through it together.

Sixteen Years and What Do You Get?     Mon. May, 30 at 07:30 am
Al's credit card is maxed out when he tries to find a gift for Peggy on their anniversary.

Have You Driven a Ford Lately?     Tue. May, 31 at 06:00 am
Al and Steve buy a classic Mustang and become consumed in restoring back to mint condition.

Whose Room Is It Anyway?     Tue. May, 31 at 06:30 am
The Rhoades get a tax refund and they decide to build a room, but can't decide on what kind of room to build, a pool room for Al or an exercise room for Peggy.

Al Loses His Cherry     Tue. May, 31 at 07:00 am
An argument leads Al to Luke's bachelor pad, where he basks in the swingers life he had envisioned.

Peggy Sue Got Work     Tue. May, 31 at 07:30 am
When Peggy asks Al for a VCR, Marcy suggests that she go to work and earn the money herself where she learns what having a job is all about...minimum wage.

Married ... Without Children     Tue. May, 31 at 08:00 am
Al and Peg run away for the weekend and leave Bud and Kelly with the Rhoades, who've underestimated their intelligence.

Poker Game, The     Tue. May, 31 at 08:30 am
Steve loses his paycheck in a poker game to Al and needs to get it back before Marcy finds out.

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