Buck Saves the Day     Wed. January, 18 at 06:00 am
When Al and Steve take Bud and his friends on a camping trip, Kelly sees a friendly poker game with the girls as a chance to earn money for a rock concert.

Tooth or Consequences     Wed. January, 18 at 06:30 am
Stricken with a toothache, Al reluctantly visits a dentist for the first time, leaving him in too much pain to enjoy the family meal that Peggy has begrudgingly agreed to prepare.

He Ain't Much, But He's Mine     Wed. January, 18 at 07:00 am
When a flashy blond at the beauty parlor brags about her affair with a married man, Peggy worries that Al is picking up more than a spare on his bowling night.

Fair Exchange     Wed. January, 18 at 07:30 am
The Bundys are elated over the extra income they receive when they house a foreign exchange student, but Kelly gets a run for her money when the student turns out to be a beautiful, sexy French girl.

Desperately Seeking Miss October     Wed. January, 18 at 08:00 am
Al panics when Peggy sells his beloved collection of Playboy magazines to buy a good luck idol to help her win the lottery.

976-SHOE     Wed. January, 18 at 08:30 am
Al tries to cash in on his knowledge of shoe business by starting a shoe hotline.

Oh, What a Feeling     Thu. January, 19 at 05:00 am
When Al's car bites the dust, he digs up his nest egg and heads for the auto showroom to wheel and deal for the car of his dreams.

At the Zoo     Thu. January, 19 at 05:30 am
After couch potato in-training Steve is fired, he plays hooky from his job hunt to go to the zoo, determined to save a sea turtle named Bosco.

Who'll Stop the Rain     Thu. January, 19 at 06:00 am
A rainstorm brings out the handyman in Al, who doggedly attempts to fix a leaky roof.

It's a Bundyful Life (1)     Thu. January, 19 at 06:30 am
Despite his rare good intentions, Al fails to make it to the bank in time to withdraw his Christmas Club money, and the Bundy family is destined to go presentless, again, unless Al can find a way to make some quick cash. (Part I of II)

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