Teacher Pets     Wed. August, 05 at 07:00 am
When Bud's English teacher has the hots for him, he seeks advice from Al, who takes time out of his busy schedule attending birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese to correct the situation with the usual Bundy flair.

Goodbye Girl, The     Wed. August, 05 at 07:30 am
While Al takes a world tour via the living room couch and remote control, Kelly gets a job at the TV World theme park.

Gas Station Show, The     Wed. August, 05 at 08:00 am
Al takes the family out for a Bundy Sunday Fun Day, but when he can't pay for gas, he is forced to work off his debt as an attendant on the full-serve island.

England Show (1)     Wed. August, 05 at 08:30 am
The Bundys win a free trip to England, but little do they know they are being set up for execution, for only the death of every male Bundy can lift the curse of darkness from the English town of Lower Uncton.

England Show (2)     Wed. August, 05 at 09:00 am
Al, Peggy and Bud arrive in Lower Uncton, where the townspeople prepare to kill them, but lost, globetrotting Kelly, is able to warn them of danger.

England Show (3)     Wed. August, 05 at 09:30 am
When the townspeople of Upper and Lower Uncton fight over who gets to kill Al and Bud, Al jousts to save his neck, but a little trouble in Customs concerning a certain hotel towel gets him thrown in the dungeon.

Magnificent Seven     Thu. August, 06 at 05:30 am
When Peg's 5-year-old nephew Seven is abandoned at the Bundy doorstep by his loser parents, Peg and Al decide to keep him, much to their kids' dismay.

T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp     Thu. August, 06 at 07:00 am
When Kelly's date gives her an ultimatum, she finds herself stranded but not alone on a deserted road 15 miles outside Chicago. Meanwhile, Peg tries to put some spice back into her marriage by spending Saturday night "communicating" with Al.

Every Bundy Has a Birthday     Thu. August, 06 at 07:30 am
When Seven can't remember his birthday, Peggy assigns him one, selecting the next day, which also happens to be Al's birthday. The family decides to go to the town park to celebrate, only to find it's been rented by a rich, snobby family.

Al on the Rocks     Thu. August, 06 at 08:00 am
When Peggy panics over Seven's sneezes, she begins piling up medical bills, forcing Al to take on a second job as a "topless" bartender.

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