Buck Has a Belly Ache     Tue. April, 25 at 06:00 am
When Al and the kids are preoccupied with a seemingly sick Buck, Peg, feeling neglected, returns home to her kin in Wanker County for a little TLC.

If I Could See Me Now     Tue. April, 25 at 06:30 am
After nearly driving off a bridge, Al lets the kids convince him to get eyeglasses, only to discover he doesn't like what he sees.

God's Shoes     Tue. April, 25 at 07:00 am
When Al has a spiritual experience and sees God's shoes, he makes it his mission to recreate and promote his heavenly vision.

Kelly Does Hollywood Part 1     Tue. April, 25 at 07:30 am
Armed with cable TV and a new remote control, Al is determined to stay on the couch until he finds something good to watch on television, while Kelly's public access show becomes the hottest thing on cable.

Kelly Does Hollywood Part 2     Tue. April, 25 at 08:00 am
The Bundys' dream of fame and fortune remain just that after Kelly's popular local cable talk show is revamped for prime time by Hollywood network executive Jeff Littlehead.

Al Bundy, Shoe Dick     Tue. April, 25 at 08:30 am
In a style reminiscent of the old Hollywood thriller, Al dreams he's a private eye who finds himself in the middle of a murder when he's hired by a femme fatale to protect her inheritance from her thieving family.

So This Is How Sinatra Felt     Wed. April, 26 at 05:00 am
When Peg thinks Al's having an affair, she sends Kelly and Bud out to do some sleuthing, but no one is more shocked than Al to discover that a beautiful shoe groupie wants to try him on for size.

I Who Have Nothing     Wed. April, 26 at 05:30 am
When Al decides to draw up a will and divide up his worldly belongings, he tracks down his old high school girlfriend, to whom he gave his most prized possession, his football.

Mystery of Skull Island, The     Wed. April, 26 at 06:00 am
While Peggy, Al, Marcy and Jefferson play a New Age board game, Bud finds himself unable to say no to sexy Kara even if it kills him.

Just Shoe It     Wed. April, 26 at 06:30 am
Al relives his glory days as a high school football star (All City '66) when he lands a role in a Super Bowl commercial with ex-jocks Sugar Ray Leonard, Steve Carlton and Ed "Too Tall" Jones.

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