Whose Room Is It Anyway?     Wed. November, 25 at 06:00 am
The Rhoades get a tax refund and they decide to build a room, but can't decide on what kind of room to build, a pool room for Al or an exercise room for Peggy.

Al Loses His Cherry     Wed. November, 25 at 06:30 am
An argument leads Al to Luke's bachelor pad, where he basks in the swingers life he had envisioned.

Peggy Sue Got Work     Wed. November, 25 at 07:00 am
When Peggy asks Al for a VCR, Marcy suggests that she go to work and earn the money herself where she learns what having a job is all about...minimum wage.

Married ... Without Children     Wed. November, 25 at 07:30 am
Al and Peg run away for the weekend and leave Bud and Kelly with the Rhoades, who've underestimated their intelligence.

Poker Game, The     Wed. November, 25 at 08:00 am
Steve loses his paycheck in a poker game to Al and needs to get it back before Marcy finds out.

Where's the Boss?     Wed. November, 25 at 08:30 am
Al can't seem to find Gary anywhere, which leads him to the conclusion that she's dead. He decides to go find another job.

Nightmare on Al's Street     Thu. November, 26 at 05:30 am
Marcy has dreams about Al while Steve is on a business trip, leading her to ask Peggy for help.

Johnny B. Gone     Thu. November, 26 at 06:00 am
Al and Peggy have tickets to attend the final night of their favorite hamburger joint. But when family problems get in the way, Al may miss out on the historical night.

Buck Can Do It     Thu. November, 26 at 06:30 am
Buck mates another dog, making the owner of the dog so angry that he sues Al.

Poppy's By the Tree (1)     Thu. November, 26 at 07:00 am
The Bundys are at a hotel in Florida, only to find that an ax murderer lives there.

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