weekday mornings
Meet the Recession     Fri. August, 29 at 08:30 am
Edna and Cora help Thelma deal with losing her job and home. Brown and the Colonel take part in a pyramid scheme.

Meet the Old Fling     Sat. August, 30 at 08:30 am
Sasha's Mom shows up with a man half her age. Meanwhile Cora runs a very boring detention. When Darnell takes over, it becomes a party and students are fighting to get detention.

Meet the Unwelcome Back     Mon. September, 01 at 08:30 am
When Reggie returns unannounced, he's surprised to find Cora isn't into him as she once was. Meanwhile Sasha's ex comes to the hospital as a patient.

Meet the Defendant     Tue. September, 02 at 08:30 am
Cora takes the Colonel to court. Joaquin's birthday party is nearly ruined when Sasha, Will and Brianna interfere.

Meet the Attraction     Wed. September, 03 at 08:30 am
Brianna becomes jealous when Jamal finds Simone's life more interesting than hers for his short film. Cora and Brown have to take a CPR class taught by Reggie.

Meet the New Reggie     Thu. September, 04 at 08:30 am
Brown and Derek help Reggie improve himself to win Cora. Meanwhile Renee's ex comes in for a check up. He's HIV positive.

Meet the Sugar Momma     Fri. September, 05 at 08:30 am
Renee comes to the school for a health fair and passes out condoms, putting she and Cora at odds. Derek meets a rich girl that wants to run his life.

Meet the Country Cousin     Sat. September, 06 at 08:30 am
Sasha's country relative (played by Denise Boutte), comes to help out while Sasha is away. The family has to get used to her country ways. Brianna uses her design skills to makeover a homely girl, who in turn becomes a prima donna.

Meet the Non-Frequent Flyer     Mon. September, 08 at 08:30 am
Brown takes his first plane flight with Cora and everything goes wrong. Derek is mistaken for a famous person and he uses it to his advantage.

Meet the Football Coach     Tue. September, 09 at 08:30 am
Simone introduces her mom, who wants Simone to marry the father of her child, to Sasha. Cora takes over the football team and they win their first game.

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