Gifts for Everyone Else

Girl Friend
Your best girl friend deserves something comfy and cozy to relax in all day long. Brilliant Tees tri-blend shirts are ultra soft and stylish but also meaningful. Choose the color of her artsy peace sign that corresponds with a given non-profit that receives a portion of the $26.00 purchase price: pink for breast cancer, yellow for veterans, green for the environment and blue for education.

Guy Friend
For the guy you know who has pretty much everything, custom-design a shoe from KSWISS that he’ll never forget. Start with an all white shoe as your blank canvas. Pick his favorite colors to make the ultimate footwear or choose select designs from his favorite sport team. K-Swiss; $65,

Nothing beats home-baked treats for the holidays, except perhaps a charitable donation. So why not gift two-for-one? After checking with your school’s gifting policy, treat your teacher to something sweet from Their delectable, homemade holiday samplings include pumpkin pie cookies (1-dozen tin $32.95, 2-dozen tin $42.95), chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies ($32.95) and white chocolate cherry jubilee cookies ($32.95) among other delightful flavors—and all arrive super fresh packaged in an adorably ribboned silver tin. A portion of net proceeds from EVERY purchase will be donated in accordance with the charitable organization of your choice. That’s what I call food for thought. Place your orders by Wednesday, December 18th ; overnight rush delivery is available until December 22nd. or 201. 204.0720.

For the nanny who cares for your children day in and out, give her a gift of pampering luxury. From Sephora and JCPenny, select a high-end beauty line like a Tocca Bath and Body Set ($48), Shu Uemura Perfect Eye Set ($59) or Bliss Carrot & Sesame Body Buff set ($48). Such a gift would also be accompanied by a week’s pay.

They claim to have everything they need, save for more time with the grandchildren. So give them a gift where they will see the grandkids everyday. Visit and download a favorite picture. Then create a custom photo skin called SKINIT. This protective skin that’s scratch resistant can be made to cover your laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, PDA and more. Prices start at $19.99;

Tipping Etiquette
From my friends at the Emily Post Institute ( follow some basic rules for how to handle tipping during the holidays. First, guidelines to consider:

1. The frequency & the quality of the service
2. Your relationship with the service provider
3. Your budget
4. Regional customs

For your regular babysitter: tip one evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child

For your dog walker: one week’s pay or an equivalent gift

For your letter carrier: a gift worth up to $20, but no cash

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