Season 1: Episode 9: Meet the Truth

Brianna has been acting out a lot at school and is suspended for threatening some kids who were bullying Joaquin. Sasha, Will, and Carmen try to find out what is bothering her. Will and Carmen aren’t successful, but Sasha finally uncovers Brianna’s secret…Brianna reveals to Sasha that she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

Two geeky frat boys from the house next door (they couldn’t get into a real frat) steal Pop Brown’s portrait from Brown’s house as a prank. Their faculty advisor, Russell Merriweather, makes the boys work for Brown to make up for their prank. Everyone in the house puts the poor boys to work. Russell asks Cora out on a date. Edna and London convince Cora to dress too sexily, and the date backfires. Russell liked the real, down-to-earth Cora. They agree to try again.

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