Girl Getaways

When I think of girl weekend, I think of those bikini bootcamps or a weekend full of yoga and salads at a fancy upscale resort...that can be fun, but here are some other ideas for getaways with your gals:

Camping in Caribbean
Camping might seem like the complete opposite end of the spectrum from an upscale spa retreat, but if you go to St. John it’s more than what you think. The island of St. John is over 2/3 national park- so it’s gorgeous….not to mention easily accessible (non-stop flight to St. Thomas from the eastern seaboard and a quick boat ride takes you right there), you don’t need a rental car once you’re there and a US territory so you don’t need your passport. This is definitely roughing it as there’s not hot water, but the views and environment at Maho Bay Camps on St. John make up for the lack of creature comforts. They supply roomy platform tented cabins ($135/night and they sleep up to 4 people) and there’s plenty to do between water activities and hiking through the national park. Although we really like this place because of its commitment to preserving the environment- it was built using hand construction methods, which left the natural environment virtually undisturbed. They are very “aware of the importance of preserving nature’s gifts.”

Getting away with your girls doesn’t have to be a long trip…you can stay in town, or drive downtown, for a fun night out. Great way to stimulate the local economy! The Ritz Carlton Chicago- which always tops our annual Readers Choice Poll for best US hotel- has some fun packages that include shopping and beauty makeovers, martinis, popcorn & movies, and then a late checkout of 3pm on Sunday! The hotel just finished a huge restyling of their guest rooms- the first in 15 years!

If you just want a fun day activity- look into a spa day with your friends. You can arrive early for all your treatments and enjoy the facilities, take a steam and then grab lunch in the hotel afterwards. The new Montage hotel in Beverly Hills has an amazing 2-story spa with this crazy “infusion shower” that stimulates various points and systems on your body- it’s really invigorating….and the rooftop restaurant is a great place for celeb sighting (we saw Kathryn Heigl there with her mom) and to take in the city’s views.

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