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Pocket Dial Episode, The     Thu. April, 24 at 08:00 am
After Nick gets pocket-dialed by Suzanne and overhears her telling Gigi something personal, he gets back at Suzanne by fake pocketing dialing her.

Secret Episode, The     Fri. April, 25 at 08:00 am
Lindsey has a new crush and Gigi has a new boyfriend, but when certain secrets can't be kept, a web of misinformation nearly ruins both situations.

Lindsey Dances Episode, The     Sat. April, 26 at 09:00 am
Lindsey auditions to dance in a P-Nut music video, but considers quitting when she discovers that the choreographer is a drill sergeant and the other dancers are far more experienced.

V.I.P. Tickets Episode, The     Mon. April, 28 at 08:00 am
Nick angers Suzanne when he invites Martin to an exclusive sporting event before inviting his wife.

Quarantine Episode, The     Tue. April, 29 at 08:00 am
When Marilyn brings a dangerous flu back from a trip to Mexico, the family must stay inside their house under quarantine.

Tit for Tat Episode, The     Wed. April, 30 at 08:00 am
When a new buxom woman gets hired at the station, Nick's career is threatened. Suzanne takes matters into her own hands to save her husband's job.

Life Insurance Episode, The     Thu. May, 01 at 08:00 am
Although Nick and Suzanne realize that Life Insurance would be a good decision to protect their family, Nick has reservations about buying a policy.

Hypertension Episode, The     Fri. May, 02 at 08:00 am
When Nick gets a doctors report that he has high blood pressure, Suzanne does everything she can to make sure his stress levels stay low.

Satchel Pagge Episode, The     Sat. May, 03 at 09:00 am
Nick helps out Willie Mays, a homeless man with a beautiful voice, by getting him a job at KAWT, but Willie takes advantage of his new job.

Cyrano Episode, The     Mon. May, 05 at 08:00 am
Nick helps out a coworker by ghostwriting him love letters for a woman on a dating website who turns out to be Gigi.

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