Blending a family takes a lot of work, and the Kingston-Persons are learning that the hard way. With work, school, friends and in-laws, Nick and Suzanne are trying hard to get "there." Although it takes work, getting there sure can be fun. So enjoy a good laugh and tell us what your favorite quote from the show is on our Are We There Yet? message boards!

very funny quotes from Are We There Yet?:

"I need a glass of water. And by water, I mean vodka."
- Marilyn in The Day Off Episode

"See, women possess all the information a man needs, you just need to access the data."
- Martin in The Day Off Episode

"Never underestimate what a woman will do when she's brunch-drunk."
- Martin in The Day Off Episode

"What kind of sport doesn't let a man use his hands? No wonder nobody watches this stuff."
- Nick in The Soccer Episode

"You're worried about my son's masculinity, but you know who Posh Spice is?!"
- Suzanne in The Soccer Episode

"The last thing you want to do is break up with a guy who has naked pictures of you. You see what happened to John Edwards!"
- Gigi in The Soccer Episode

"During the day you look like Halle Berry, but at bedtime, you turn into Tyler Perry."
- Nick in The Hyphenated Name Episode

"I got a policy bro. If I can't talk you down, I got to take you down."
- Terrence in The Hyphenated Name Episode

"I am married with two kids, and I do not look like this in the morning. Goodbye."
- Suzanne in The Hyphenated Name Episode

"You're an independent woman. Now make up your independent mind!"
- Nick in The Hyphenated Name Episode

"Toe cleavage is only important to a guy if your toes are a 36D."
- Nick in The Rat in the House Episode

"If I wanted some wife to be mad at me, I'd go to Russia and buy one of my own."
- Martin in The Booty Episode

"We don't want lessons, we want money."
- Kevin in The Booty Episode

"I'm your wife, and if you need to know something than I need to know that you need to know it. You know?"
- Suzanne in The Credit Check Episode

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