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Unbrave One, The     Thu. October, 23 at 01:00 pm
With Roger's help, Steve dresses up as a superhero to prove his bravery to his father; when Stan discovers that Fran may be pregnant, he hopes the infant will turn out to be the brave child he never had.

Stanny Tendergrass     Thu. October, 23 at 01:30 pm
Hoping to show Steve the value of hard work, Stan gets Steve a job at a country club; Francine struggles to come up with her own catchphrase.

Wheels & The Legman And The Case of Grandpa's Key     Fri. October, 24 at 01:00 pm
Stan joins Wheels and the Legman as they attempt to solve a mystery involving a key; Klaus has his photo taken for a pet Web site.

Old Stan in the Mountain     Fri. October, 24 at 01:30 pm
An old man places a hex on Stan, making him age at an alarming rate; Roger and Francine rehearse for a dance competition...but Roger has something up his sleeve.

Wrestler, The     Mon. October, 27 at 01:00 pm
Stan panics when Barry comes close to toppling his longstanding wrestling record at Steve's school.and ends up teaching Roger how to wrestle so he can defeat Barry.

Dr. Klaustus     Mon. October, 27 at 01:30 pm
After tricking Roger into going to Iraq, Klaus assumes the role of the Smiths' psychologist, but his emphasis on emotional honesty backfires.

Stan's Best Friend     Mon. October, 27 at 02:00 pm
When Steve's new puppy is gravely injured, Stan attempts to save the dog using a doctor who specializes in alternative medicine.

Less Money, Mo' Problems     Mon. October, 27 at 02:30 pm
Stan bets Jeff and Hayley that he and Fran can live on minimum wage for one month; Roger and Steve test-drive a Ferrari after Klaus brags about having driven one.

CIAPOW     Mon. October, 27 at 09:00 pm
When Bullock sends a drone to do the job Stan and his colleagues are supposed to do, Stan is determined to prove that humans are better than robots. Meanwhile, Francine and the rest of the family participate in a slow motion race against each other in the living room.

Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure     Mon. October, 27 at 09:30 pm
Stan reveals that the C.I.A. has a cloning machine at work. Steve and Snot decide to use the machine to clone girls so that they will finally have prom dates. The cloning process backfires as the girls emerge as babies.

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