Season 3: Episode 9: Franny 911

When Stan gets angry at Roger, he hides behind Francine who coddles him. Stan tells her to stop protecting him, and he doesn't want to see Roger. Roger is upset by how Stan treats him. In an effort to prove to Roger that Stan cares, Francine helps Roger stage his kidnapping, demanding a thousand dollars from Stan. Stan ignores the situation and refuses to pay. Francine tries again, though Roger's abusive remarks are getting to her. Later, Stan reveals that he knew it was Francine posing as a kidnapper - her cell phone number came up on their caller I.D. Francine finally stops coddling Roger who in an attempt to be nicer, begins to get sick. He needs to be caustic; keeping his bitterness inside is killing him. He'd rather die than lose the family's love, but they'd rather he be the sarcastic old Roger. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley play a game of escalating dares and Steve works on his back-up dancing.

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12:00 pm, wednesday, august 23rd

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