Seek and Find
Think you can find all the misplaced objects in the crazy Payne house? Give it your best shot.
Play Ball
Batter up! It's time to test your baseball skills. Step up to the plate and give this game your best swing.
Backyard mini-golf iPhone app
Now you can golf on the go! Grab your friends and join the Paynes for a round of mobile mini-golf. (must have an iPhone or iPod touch to play)
House of Payne Spades Game
Play a quick game of Spades with some friends or against the computer.
Funny Finder
Think you can find all the images? Play our House of Payne Funny Finder game and take your best shot.
House of Payne Puzzler
See how many House of Payne puzzles you can complete.
Faces of Payne
How well do you know the Paynes? Better yet, how well could you remember their faces in our Faces of Payne matching game?
Malik's Busy Day
Help Malik manage his crazy, busy day! Finish all his chores in time and make everyone happy.
Don't Wake Pops
The kids are bored and Pops is asleep. There's no better time for misbehaving. Play this fun shooting game, and show off your throwing arm.

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