How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever

Wedding Day Brag Book

Don't make the bride & groom wait until they get back from the honeymoon to see pix of their wedding day! Do a little prep work beforehand to create a beautiful photo album for the happy couple, and then channel your inner-paparazzi on the big day. Use an instant-print camera and film from wedding shop to take photos and then add them to the album. Present it just before they take off for the night; they'll love reminiscing about all the little details from the wedding day on their honeymoon!

Ultimate Flight Care Package

Before the honeymoon, the bride's still got to get there! Make her flight fuss-free by putting together the ultimate flight care package, complete with a travel wallet from Tumi so she can keep her ticket, ID and passport in order, and an in-flight travel kit from that has an inflatable head rest, eye mask, ear plugs, and a fleece blanket for those chilly planes. If you’re feeling extra generous, add in fun travel games for her and the new hubby to enjoy during the flight!

Stock The Couple's Kitchen

The worst trip is the one to the grocery store the night you return from paradise! Help the newlyweds avoid reality for just one more day by stocking the kitchen with their favorite foods or even making a few meals that can last them the week and putting them in the freezer. Bonus points if you create a little recipe book and leave it on the counter!

Custom Cake Preservation

Every bride knows she's "supposed" to keep the top layer of her cake and savor it on her first wedding anniversary. But who's really got time to deal with wrapping the cake so it preserves correctly? Do your bride a favor and work with her baker to preserve the top tier. Make sure the icing's hardened before having it wrapped in several layers of plastic wrap. Then place the bagged cake top into a keepsake box with a freezer-proof plastic liner from – yes, they actually sell these!

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