How They Met     Sat. August, 05 at 05:30 am
As they prepare Ally for a play date, Ray and Debra reminisce about when they first met.

Boob Job     Sat. August, 05 at 06:00 am
Debra is upset when she sees Ray's reaction to a friend's breast implants.

You Bet     Sat. August, 05 at 06:30 am
Frank's sudden jovial mood makes Ray suspicious.

Can Opener, The     Sat. August, 05 at 07:00 am
The whole family chooses sides when Ray and Debra fight over a newly acquired can opener.

Sex Talk     Sat. August, 05 at 07:30 am
Ray and Debra consult Frank and Marie about what an older couple's sex life should be.

Sister, The     Sun. August, 06 at 05:30 am
Debra is upset when her sister, Jennifer, decides to become a nun.

Cousin Gerard     Sat. August, 12 at 05:30 am
Debra points out the similarities between Ray and his annoying cousin.

Debra's Workout     Sat. August, 12 at 06:00 am
Ray is happily surprised, and curious, when Debra starts initiating sex more often.

No Thanks     Sat. August, 12 at 06:30 am
Debra spends the entire day cooking with Marie in an attempt to improve their relationship; Frank and Robert accompany Ray to a car show.

Left Back     Sat. August, 19 at 06:00 am
Ray discovers he was held back a year of pre-kindergarten. Frank tries to get Michael advanced in school.

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