I Love You     Sat. April, 01 at 06:00 am
Ray cannot utter those three little words to his spouse.

Frank the Writer     Sat. April, 08 at 05:00 am
Frank submits a column idea to Ray's editor.

I Wish I Were Gus     Sat. April, 08 at 05:30 am
Ray hopes his eulogy for Uncle Gus will resolve a family feud.

Standard Deviation     Sat. April, 08 at 06:00 am
Robert's psychology project stirs Ray's and Debra's competitive streaks.

Look Don't Touch     Sat. April, 08 at 06:30 am
Debra fears Ray is flirting with a waitress.

Your Place or Mine     Sun. April, 09 at 05:00 am
Marie moves in with Raymond and Debra.

In-Laws     Sun. April, 09 at 05:30 am
Ray's well-to-do in-laws visit.

Win, Lose or Draw     Sat. April, 15 at 05:30 am
Ray loses all his money at poker to his dad.

Captain Nemo     Sat. April, 15 at 06:00 am
Ray coaches a team for the Pizza League basketball championship.

Turkey or Fish     Sat. April, 15 at 06:30 am
Debra opts for Thanksgiving fish to avoid competing with Marie's cooking.

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