Friends (CC)(SAP)

Courteney Cox

Courteney's first big break came when she was cast by director Brian DePalma to portray the young fan whom Bruce Springsteen pulls out of the crowd in the video "Dancing in the Dark." Since then she's been a little busy...

Before "Friends," Cox's most memorable television series role was that of Lauren, Alex P. Keaton's girlfriend on "Family Ties." Her other television credits include regular series roles on "Misfits of Science" and "The Trouble with Larry," as well as guest-starring parts on "Murder She Wrote," "Seinfeld" and the cable series "Dream On" and "The Larry Sanders Show."

Cox has starred in several television movies, as well as feature films "The Shrink Is In" and "Scream 3," with husband David Arquette. Cox recently finished filming "The Runner" and the sci-fi feature Alien Love Triangle. Her motion picture credits include Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Commandments, Down Twisted, Masters of the Universe, Cocoon:The Return, Shaking The Tree, Mr.Destiny, Blue Desert, and The Longest Yard.

Courteney lives in the LA area with her husband David Arquette and remodels homes as a hobby. She insists she's nothing like Monica (let's look for the dust bunnies...)

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