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One Where Rachel Finds Out, The     Sat. November, 29 at 04:00 pm
Rachel finds out about Ross' secret love for her -- but another surprise awaits her.

One With Ross's New Girlfriend, The     Sat. November, 29 at 04:30 pm
Rachel gets an unpleasant surprise when Ross returns home. Phoebe has varied success cutting the friends' hair.

One With the Breast Milk, The     Sat. November, 29 at 05:00 pm
Phoebe unwittingly disgusts everybody. Joey competes with a fellow salesman.

One Where Heckles Dies, The     Sat. November, 29 at 05:30 pm
The downstairs neighbor dies and bequeaths his strange possessions to Monica and Rachel.

One With Phoebe's Husband, The     Sun. November, 30 at 08:00 am
Everyone is surprised when Phoebe's husband shows up.

One With Five Steaks And an Eggplant, The     Sun. November, 30 at 08:30 am
The friends want to give Ross a birthday party but disagree about money. Monica gets promoted and learns a tough lesson.

One With the Baby On the Bus, The     Sun. November, 30 at 09:00 am
Matt and Chandler try to attract women with baby Ben. Phoebe gets terminated from her singing job and replaced by a professional, Stephanie (CHRISSIE HYNDE).

One Where Ross Finds Out, The     Sun. November, 30 at 09:30 am
Dramatic developments occur in Ross and Rachel's relationship. Chandler regrets asking Monica to help him lose weight.

One With Russ, The     Mon. December, 01 at 04:00 pm
Joey gets a great acting opportunity. Rachel dates a guy who is amazingly similar to Ross. Series star DAVID SCHWIMMER plays a dual role.

One With the Lesbian Wedding, The     Mon. December, 01 at 04:30 pm
Carol and Susan prepare for their wedding, with some help from an uncomfortable Ross. MARLO THOMAS and CANDACE GINGRICH guest star.

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