Things You Don't Want To Hear After An Office Party

Things You Don't Want To Hear After An Office Party

Whether you love them or hate them, office parties are always memorable. Unfortunately, the memories aren't always good ones. Here are some things you don't want to hear the morning after such an experience.

  1. "I would've never guessed you had a tattoo down there."

  2. "The boss's wife is on line two. She wants to speak to 'Pookie-muffin.'"

  3. "Who would have thought your rear end would look so funny in a photocopy?"

  4. "So...someone posted bail?"

  5. "Aren't those the same clothes you wore yesterday?"

  6. "You know, signing your name next to all the graffiti you did wasn't the brightest idea."

  7. "You owe the company your next two paychecks for everything that you broke last night."

  8. "Come here, we're watching your performance of 'Ice Ice Baby' on the security Video."

  9. "The boss wants to see you...ASAP. He said to bring all of your personal effects."

  10. "I can't believe you married the cleaning lady!"

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