Season 5: Episode 119: The One With Joey's Big Break

Joey gets the lead in an independent film in Las Vegas and invites Chandler to join him for the trip. Once on the drive, however, Joey discovers that Chandler doesn't share his faith that this role will be his big break. Hurt by Chandler's doubt, Joey kicks him out of the car, only to arrive in Vegas to find the film in shambles, the financing having dropped out. Determined to show Chandler he was wrong, Joey stays in Vegas and talks it up to the gang back home, when in truth he's working at Caesar's. Meanwhile, Rachel develops an eye infection and we discover she has an eye phobia. Monica must drag her to the eye doctor, who insists that she use eye drops for a week. Unfortunately, Rachel can't stand to have anything near or in her eye, so she refuses to use the drops. Monica relentlessly tries to force the drops on Rachel, but seems to miss each time, until finally the whole gang helps in holding Rachel down and Monica is able to get the drops in her eye.

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