Season 5: Episode 101: The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

Phoebe gets upset when Joey lands a job co-hosting a PBS telethon. Just after her mom died, Phoebe had written to "Sesame Street" for help, but all she got was a keychain. Ross uses the wedding guest list to call all of Emily's relatives in the hope that one of them will help him find her. Rachel walks in on Monica awaiting Chandler, so Monica makes up a story that she's been secretly seeing a waiter from work. Later, Rachel lets it slip that Monica told her that her new boyfriend is the "best sex she's ever had." Upon hearing this, Chandler goats Monica to elaborate. Joey shows up at PBS to find that he's not the co-host, but instead is one of the volunteers answering phones. Emily finally calls Ross to tell him to stop bothering her relatives and the two discuss what happened at the wedding and the airport. Ross apologizes and promises to do whatever she asks so that they can just be together. Emily agrees to give him another chance, as long as he moves to London. Ross tries to convince Carol and Susan to move with little Ben to London so that he can be near his son and work on his marriage. They have no interest in moving. He goes back to Emily and tells her he can't move away from his son, then asks if she would consider moving to New York, as they had planned before the wedding. She reluctantly agrees, on one condition ... that he never see Rachel again. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler blow up at each other in front of Rachel, each criticizing their "secret" boyfriend and girlfriend. Rachel tells them they should both dump the losers they're dating. Ross contemplates his future - either he keeps his wife and loses one of his best friends, or he keeps his friend and gets divorced for the second time before he's thirty. Monica and Chandler make up at the coffee shop, and we ultimately see them sneaking out of a closet, disheveled but happy again.

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