Season 1: Episode 4: Male Unbonding

Jerry comes home to his apartment to find his neighbor, Kramer, on the phone with Joel, a childhood acquaintance who Jerry doesn't like but has felt obligated to see all these years. Taking the phone from Kramer, Jerry is roped into seeing Joel once again. Upset at having made the date, Jerry searches for a way to break his friendship off with Joel.

Over lunch, Jerry tries being honest with Joel, teffing him their friendship is not working out and that he would rather not have to see him again. However, when Joel gets upset, Jerry backs down, telling him to forget everything he said. To make it up to him, Jerry offers him a ticket to a basketball game; a ticket which he had already promised to his friend George.

Telling Joel he is too busy to go to the game, Jerry offers him both tickets. When Elaine learns of his plight, she helps Jerry compile a list of excuses he can use whenever he needs to get out of seeing Joel. Returning from the game with Kramer, Joel inquires about Elaine. Jerry tells him to not ask her out, asking him to leave and not come back. Joel exits but returns minutes later begging to be let in as Jerry and Elaine listen quietly from behind a locked door.

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