Season 1: Episode 1: Pilot. Good News, Bad News

Laura, a woman Jerry met during a trip to Lansing, has called to say she is coming to New York on business and might like to see him while she is in town. Although Jerry is convinced Laura is interested in romance, George disagrees, saying her non-committal attitude means she is only being polite. After hearing their argument, Claire, a waitress in their local coffee shop, agrees with George's assessment.

Jerry's neighbor Kessler offers to speak with Laura to find out her intentions, but Jerry declines, now thinking the whole thing has been a misunderstanding. However, as they are talking, Laura calls, wanting to know if she can stay with Jerry for the weekend. Hearing of this new development, George admits he must have been wrong about Laura.

Jerry arranges for George to give him a ride to the airport where the two of them meet Laura. Returning to his apartment, Jerry is intrigued when Laura asks to stay an extra day, wanting to spend it on a boat ride around Manhattan with him. Laura then receives a phone call from an anxious fiancee, prompting her to tell a disappointed Jerry never to get married.

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