Season 1: Episode 5: The Stock Tip

George has been given a stock market tip and, after going in for $5,000, wants Jerry to invest $2,500 too. Meanwhile, Jerry asks Vanessa, a girl he is dating, to go to Vermont for a weekend together. Although she is unsure about the consequences, Jerry assures Vanessa it will help to move their relationship along.

After buying the stock, Jerry is depressed when it does nothing but lose money. Out nearly half his investment, Jerry calls George, demanding he contact Wilkenson, the source of the tip, to find out what is going on. When they learn Wilkenson is in the hospital, George decides to go and see him personally.

Demanding the stock be sold, Jerry leaves for his Vermont getaway with Vanessa, where it rains the entire weekend. While looking through the newspaper, Jerry discovers the stock he sold rebounded. Returning to New York, Jerry finds George several thousand dollars richer, while he is left with only his loss.

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