Season 2: Episode 10: The Apartment

When the apartment above his becomes vacant after the death of its elderly tenant, Jerry convinces the apartment managers to give it to Elaine. However, realizing she will be able to track his every move, Jerry has second thoughts about having Elaine as a neighbor. In the meantime, George decides to pretend he is married in order to attract single women.

When someone offers the apartment managers $5,000 for the apartment, Jerry has a chance to get off the hook with Elaine. However, after seeing how excited she is about moving in, Jerry agrees to loan her the money for the apartment. While at a party to watch the New York City Marathon, George tries his new strategy by wearing a wedding band, while Jerry is hailed as a hero for finding Elaine a new apartment.

Though Elaine tells him she won't move in if it makes him uncomfortable, Jerry turns down the opportunity to keep her out of the building. Meanwhile, George's plan backfires when two attractive women refuse to date him because he is married. Finally, when someone offers the apartment managers $10,000 for the apartment, it ends up going to a new tenant who uses it for late night band rehearsals.

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