Season 2: Episode 15: The Baby Shower

Elaine has been asked to give a baby shower for Leslie, an old college friend who once dated George. Since he is going out of town, Jerry agrees to let Elaine use his apartment for the event. Although it has been several years since their date, George still holds a grudge against Leslie after she doused him with chocolate during a performance art piece and then left with another man.

Kramer badgers Jerry to get an illegal cable television hookup from Tabachnick, a Russian immigrant in the business of clandestinely wiring apartments. Although reluctant to break the law, Jerry agrees after learning of the baseball games he will miss by not having cable. Then, when a snowstorm causes problems with his plane and the cancellation of his performance, Jerry has George drive him home from the airport, landing the pair in the middle of Leslie's shower.

With the party in full swing, Tabachnick and his assistant arrive to install Jerry's cable, and Kramer talks Elaine into letting them finish the job. Although wanting revenge for being smeared with chocolate and stood up, George cannot bring himself to ruin Leslie's day, and even ends up helping her take the presents back to her apartment. However, when Jerry runs into a woman he dated once but never called again, he receives a tongue lashing and then, deciding he doesn't want the cable, is charged $400 by Tabachnick for the work anyway.

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