Season 2: Episode 16: The Chinese Restaurant

On their way to a movie, Jerry, George and Elaine stop for dinner at a popular Chinese restaurant. However, when it turns out to be crowded, the three are forced to wait for a table. Although anxious to call his date, Tatiana, George is upset when he finds another patron using the pay phone.

With her appetite growing by the minute, Elaine is angered by other patrons who are being seated ahead of her and her friends. Deciding to put her hunger to the test, Jerry and George offer Elaine $75 to eat some food off of someone else's table. While fretting over not being able to call Tatiana, George confesses to having left her apartment during an intimate moment.

Seeing a woman he recognizes, Jerry is upset to learn she works with an uncle whom he lied to in order to join his friends for an evening out. When Tatiana phones looking for George, the restaurant's host mispronounces George's name and causes him to miss the call. Finally, after Elaine's attempt to bribe the host only manages to lose them $20, the trio leaves just before they are called to be seated.

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