Season 2: Episode 14: The Deal

While alone together watching television, Jerry and Elaine reminisce about the days when they were a couple. After establishing a new set of ground rules designed to preserve their friendship, the two agree it is all right to start having sex with each other again. Told by Jerry about the deal they struck, George expresses skepticism that it will ever work.

In a test of the new rules, Jerry tries not spending the night with Elaine but, after sensing some tension, he decides to stay after all. However, exercising her own option, Elaine demands that he leave. While discussing Elaine's birthday with George, Jerry worries that his gift may send the wrong message.

After ruling out a host of choices, Jerry finally decides to give Elaine money for her birthday. Though upset by the impersonality of Jerry's gift, Elaine is overjoyed when Kramer gives her exactly what she wanted, a hand-crafted bench seat. While his present nearly causes them to break up for good, Jerry and Elaine decide to reconcile their differences and resume their new relationship.

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