Season 2: Episode 9: The Phone Message

Although unable to believe she is really interested in him, George gets Carol to go out for a second date. However, after refusing her offer to come up for a late night cup of coffee, George is convinced he has blown any chance of seeing her again. Meanwhile, after Jerry discovers that his date, Donna, likes a television commercial he hates, he wonders if he should ever date her again.

Convinced by Elaine to give himself another chance, George calls Carol. However, leaving a message on her answering machine, George makes a fool of himself and fears he will never hear from Carol again. Meanwhile Donna refuses to go out with Jerry after learning he has been making fun of her and the commercial she likes.

When Carol doesn't return his calls, George loses his temper and leaves a series of mean spirited phone messages on her answering machine. However, after learning she has been out of town and wants to see him again, George enlists Jerry in an effort to switch the message tape on Carol's answering machine before she hears what he said. Although George and Jerry manage to intercept Carol at her apartment, after they make the switch Carol admits to having already heard the messages, thinking it was all a joke.

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