Season 2: Episode 7: The Pony Remark

Jerry's parents, Helen and Morty, are in town from Florida for his Aunt Manya's and Uncle Issac's fiftieth wedding anniversary. Bringing Elaine along as his date to the dinner, Jerry jokes about ponies and their owners, and is embarrassed to learn Manya once owned a pony as a child in Poland. Meanwhile, after being the hero of his softball team, Jerry is excited about playing in the league championship game.

As his parents are leaving for the airport, Jerry learns that Manya has died suddenly. While Morty is upset about losing his discount airfares, Jerry worries that his pony remark may have precipitated Manya's untimely death. When the funeral is scheduled for the same time as the championship game, Jerry is torn over which to attend.

Although George insists that he play in the game, Jerry chooses the funeral because of his guilt over Manya's death. Discovering that his aunt left behind a $300 a month apartment, Elaine goes with Jerry, hoping to convince Uncle Issac to let her have the place. Although happy to find the softball game was rained out, when it is finally played, Jerry's ineptness costs his team the championship, and he blames it on revenge by Manya's vengeful spirit.

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