Season 2: Episode 11: The Statue

While going through a box of things that belonged to Jerry's late uncle, George discovers a statue exactly like one he broke as a child. Wanting to give it to his parents as a surprise, George gets the statue after an argument with Kramer, Leaving it with Jerry until he can pick it up later. Meanwhile Jerry hires an aspiring young actor, Ray, to clean his apartment while he is out of town.

Returning home from his trip, Jerry is amazed to discover how thorough a job Ray has done. However, when he goes to Ray's apartment and compliments him on the job, Jerry is stunned to see the statue he had promised to George. After confronting Ray about the statue, Jerry arranges to meet him at a neighborhood coffee shop to find out the truth.

While Jerry suggests he stole the statue, Ray claims to have bought it in a pawn shop whose owner has now moved to Singapore. Listening from an adjacent booth, George is incensed by Ray's story and insists he is lying about the statue. Finally, Kramer poses as a police officer and recovers the statue, which ends up being broken after he gives it back to George.

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