Season 3: Episode 28: The Alternate Side

After his car is stolen from in front of his apartment, Jerry calls the thief on his car phone and is told that the keys were left inside by Sid, a man in the neighborhood who is paid to keep everyone's cars legally parked on the street. Admitting to having been distracted by the filming of a Woody Allen movie on their block, Sid announces that he is taking a vacation and George offers to park the cars while he is away. Meanwhile, Kramer is hired as an extra in the movie, while Elaine is dating Owen, a sixty-six year old writer.

When Owen embarrasses her in front of some friends, Elaine asks Jerry's help in breaking up with him. However, after Owen has a stroke and collapses in Jerry's apartment, a traffic jam caused by George's cars delays the paramedics. When the ambulance finally arrives, Jerry learns that his rental car was in an accident caused when George was distracted by Woody Allen.

Although Elaine is uncertain about how to handle the situation, Jerry insists that she is obligated to see Owen through his recovery. Meanwhile, Sid returns to see the mess George has created with his business, and Jerry learns that his rental car insurance doesn't cover the accident because George was driving. Finally, Elaine breaks up with Owen and Kramer is fired from the movie, while an unemployed George is faced with the two thousand dollars in damage he did to Jerry's rental car.

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