Season 3: Episode 21: The Dog

When fellow passenger Gavin Palone takes ill on an airline flight and is hospitalized in Chicago, Jerry is left to care for his dog Farfel when the animal is sent along to New York. After three days Jerry is at his wits end with Farfel and swears that he will take him to the pound. With Jerry staying home with the dog, George and Elaine go to the movies and discover that being together without Jerry is very uncomfortable.

Jerry desperately searches for Gavin but is unable to produce any clues as to his whereabouts. However, when Jerry decides to take Farfel to the pound, Elaine offers to stay with the dog so he and George can go to the movies together. Meanwhile, although encouraged by Jerry and Elaine to do it, Kramer has second thoughts about breaking up with his girlfriend Ellen.

Gavin eventually claims Farfel but threatens to sue, claiming Jerry has somehow ruined his prized pet. After Kramer resolves to stay with Ellen, she decides to dump him. While Jerry is finally freed to go the movies with Elaine, she and George resolve their problem and agree to see each other without him around.

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