Season 3: Episode 33: The Fix-Up

During dinner with Jerry, George laments that there are too few places to meet women while, at another restaurant, Cynthia complains to Elaine about the shortage of available men. While comparing notes about their friend's hopeless outlooks, Jerry and Elaine agree to set them up on a date. Although they are both reluctant at first, after an initial phone call, George and Cynthia agree to have dinner together. Meanwhile, when his friend gets a job in a condom factory, Kramer provides free samples to Jerry, George and Elaine.

After returning home from their date, George confides in Jerry that he and Cynthia had sex on his kitchen floor. Meanwhile, Cynthia tells Elaine the story, too, while expressing serious reservations about George. When Cynthia refuses to return his calls and Jerry insists on calling her to complain, George asks him not to and the two friends end up in a fight that must be broken up by Kramer.

Warned by Kramer not to use the condoms because they are defective, George confesses that it is too late and worries about the consequences. Meanwhile, after Cynthia tells her that she might be pregnant, Elaine and Jerry argue about the fix-up, forcing Kramer to break up another fight between friends. Learning that Cynthia might be pregnant, George rushes to pledge his support. After discovering that she is not going to have a baby, but taken with his commitment, Cynthia agrees to another date with George where she finally sees his grotesque eating habits.

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