Season 3: Episode 37: The Good Samaritan

When Jerry witnesses a beautiful hit and run driver, Angela, damage a parked car, he follows her but loses his nerve to make an issue of the accident and they end up on a date instead. After arranging to go out with Angela again, Jerry tells Elaine that the driver was a man who he intimidated with a display of karate. With Jerry busy on Friday, Elaine asks George to join her for dinner with a friend from the office and her husband. However, when Robin sneezes during the meal and George responds with a polite "God bless you", her husband Michael takes offense at the display of good manners.

Elaine complains about the fallout from his polite comment to Robin and she tells George that Robin wants him to call her. While assuming Robin wants to apologize for Michael's behavior, when George is invited to meet on Wednesday afternoon, Elaine insists Robin intends on having an affair. In the meantime, Jerry learns that the damaged car belongs to an attractive neighbor. Jerry decides something must be done and tells Becky that he will see the hit and run driver accepts responsibility for the accident.

As George and Robin are in bed together, Michael calls Elaine looking for his wife. However, when Elaine claims she hasn't seen her, Michael concludes Robin is having an affair and threatens to go after George. Meanwhile, when Jerry confesses to Angela that he saw the accident, she threatens to hurt him if he breathes a word of her involvement. Claiming he will be reimbursed, Jerry offers to pay for the damage to Becky's car, but Becky accuses him of being the hit and run driver after he asks her for a date. Finally, to escape Michael's threats, George joins Jerry on a three week out of town trip, while Kramer uses the accident as an excuse to talk to her and ends up dating Becky.

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