Season 3: Episode 38: The Letter

On their way to meet Jerry's new girlfriend, Nina, George complains that he is uncomfortable with Nina being an artist. Though Jerry insists he has nothing to worry about, when they arrive at the studio where she is working on a portrait of Kramer, George is intimidated into buying one of Nina's paintings. Though Jerry has to decline her invitation, George and Kramer eagerly accept Nina's offer of tickets to a baseball game she got from her father, the New York Yankee's accountant.

While at the game with her friends, Elaine is surprised when Nina's father, Leonard, drops by to say hello and asks her to remove the baseball cap of a competitor she is wearing because it might offend the team's owner. When she insists on keeping it, Leonard has Elaine escorted out of the stadium just as Kramer is hit in the head with a foul ball. Surprised to find her picture in the newspaper, Elaine worries that her boss will see it after she told him she was visiting her sick father in Baltimore. As a pair of art patrons debate the inner meaning of her portrait of Kramer, Nina argues with Jerry about their relationship and he suggests they stop seeing each other.

After receiving a letter in which Nina asserts that she intends on fighting to save their relationship, Jerry discovers it was taken from an old movie and he accuses his girlfriend of plagiarism. Although Jerry claims George owes $500 for the painting he purchased from Nina, George insists that he doesn't even like it and refuses to pay, but cannot convince Nina to take it back. When Elaine's boss gets baseball tickets from Nina's father, he asks Elaine to join him and, having heard of a fan who was asked to leave the stadium because of a cap, he insists she wear an Orioles hat so that he can have a little fun with Leonard. Finally, Jerry tells Nina that he knows about the source of her letter, while Elaine creates another scene at the ball park as Kramer is dining with the couple who bought his portrait.

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