Season 3: Episode 26: The Nose Job

Though otherwise finding her beautiful, George is distracted by the size of his girlfriend Audrey's nose. After telling Jerry of the problem, George is shocked when Kramer tells Audrey that she needs a nose job. Meanwhile, Jerry is attracted to Isabel, a beautiful but dumb actress he met on an elevator, and Kramer asks Elaine to help him steal back his favorite jacket.

George encourages Audrey to get a nose job but, after going ahead with the operation, her nose looks worse than ever. After arranging to have more surgery, Audrey suggests that they take a trip together, but George balks as he loses interest in their relationship. Unable to take anymore of Isabel's mindlessness, and even though the sex was the best he's ever had, Jerry begs Kramer to tear up her phone number so he cannot call her again.

With Elaine posing as the daughter of the jacket's original, but imprisoned, owner, she and Kramer go to his apartment and convince the landlord to let them take the coat. When Isabel comes for another visit, Jerry's intellect overcomes his sexual urges and he ends their relationship. Finally, although George reconsiders his decision after seeing Audrey's beautiful new nose, he is surprised when she leaves for a date with Kramer instead.

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