Season 3: Episode 39: The Parking Space

Upset when Elaine and George borrow Jerry's car and go to a flea market without him, Kramer concludes his friends don't really like him anymore. After Jerry tells Kramer that he has invited his friend Mike to watch a fight on television, Kramer takes Jerry into his confidence and reveals that Mike thinks he is a phony. Meanwhile, distracted when Elaine uses the rear view mirror, George runs over a large pothole and damages Jerry's car.

Though Elaine asks George to put the car in a nearby garage, he insists it is against his nature to pay for parking and continues to scour the neighborhood for a spot. But, when he finds the perfect space right in front of Jerry's door, George argues with another driver who tries pulling in at the same time. Discovering that George is arguing with Mike over the parking space, Jerry and his friends join a group of bystanders that has gathered in front of the apartment.

To cover for their accident, Elaine tells Jerry that his car was damaged when George took evasive action to escape a group of wild teenagers. However, when Jerry casts doubt on the excuse, a flustered George blames Elaine for the accident. When Elaine suggests that George give in and find another space, he accuses her of being a traitor. Finally, with everyone arguing, two passing cops each take sides in the dispute, leaving George and Mike holding out late into the night

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