Season 3: Episode 20: The Pen

Hoping they can do some scuba diving, Jerry takes Elaine to Florida where he is appearing at a banquet honoring his father's retirement as president of his condominium association. After admiring a pen belonging to Morty's friend Jack, Jerry receives it as a gift. Although Helen insists that the offer was made reluctantly and wants her son to return it, Morty insists on Jerry keeping the pen.

When Elaine's back is injured after a hot and uncomfortable night on the sofa bed, she is unable to go diving. However, when he takes the trip alone, an accident leaves Jerry with two black eyes. Meanwhile, when the neighbors begin to gossip about the pen and Jerry agrees to return it, Morty argues with Jack and accuses him of taking a gift away from his son.

At the banquet, Elaine is embarrassingly incoherent after taking muscle relaxers for her back, while Jerry is forced to wear sunglasses because of his eye injury. During his introduction of the guest of honor, Jack makes some unflattering remarks about Morty, causing them argue in front of the audience and forcing Jerry to try and regain control of the event. Finally, Elaine is unhappy after being told she will have to stay for another five days to allow her back to recover, while Morty learns he is being sued by Jack.

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