Season 3: Episode 31: The Pez Dispenser

Although George is smitten with his new girlfriend Noel, he complains to Jerry about not having the upper hand in their relationship. Hoping that seeing him with his friends will give him an advantage, George asks Jerry and Elaine to Noel's piano recital later in the week. After giving Jerry a Pez dispenser he bought at a flea market, Kramer decides to create a new cologne that smells like the beach.

While at the recital, Jerry places the Pez dispenser on Elaine's leg, causing her to break out laughing and distracting Noel during her performance. Depressed and humiliated by the laughter, Noel declines George's invitation to go out after the recital, convincing George that he is losing his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, told that her old friend Richie now has a serious drug problem, Elaine suggests his friends confront Richie and convince him to seek help.

Advised by Kramer that he can gain the upper hand by breaking up with her first, George discovers Noel has no intention of leaving him and decides to give her another chance. However, when Elaine's laughter reveals her to be the one who ruined her recital, Noel criticizes George for not telling her the truth and leaves him. Though Richie initially resists his friend's intervention, after being hypnotized by Jerry's pez dispenser he finally checks into a rehabilitation clinic.

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