Season 3: Episode 29: The Red Dot

While visiting Elaine during her holiday office party, George and Jerry meet Dick, her co-worker and a recovering alcoholic who she is secretly dating. After claiming to have a job for George, Elaine takes him to meet her boss Mr. Lippman, while Jerry inadvertently gives Dick a glass containing vodka and causes him to resume his drinking. Meanwhile, George is hired as a reader and, as a thank you gift, he buys Elaine a beautiful cashmere sweater at a bargain price because of flaw -- a small red dot.

Although Elaine is delighted with the sweater, Kramer points out the presence of the red dot. Having resumed his alcoholic ways at the party, Dick is fired for being drunk and, blaming Jerry, he tries to attack him during Jerry's night club act. While working late in the office, George gets drunk and has sex with Evie the cleaning woman.

Elaine returns the gift to George after she tricks him into admitting that he got the sweater at a discount because of the dot. George then gives the sweater to Evie but when she discovers the red dot, she tells Lippman about her affair and George loses his job. Finally, Dick arrives at the office menacingly wielding a baseball bat, but is calmed by George's offer of the sweater...until he sees the red dot.

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