Season 3: Episode 30: The Subway

Jerry tries to enlist someone to join him on a trip to Coney Island to retrieve his stolen car, but finds that George has a job interview, Elaine is off to be the best man at a lesbian wedding, and Kramer is due in court to pay his traffic fines. However, while taking the subway to his interview, George meets an attractive young woman who invites him back to her hotel room. Though unsure of just what to expect, George is surprised when Luanne handcuffs him to the bed and, finding only six dollars in his pants, steals his new suit and leaves him alone in the hotel room.

After making the mistake of telling another passenger about the lesbian wedding, Elaine is delayed on her way to the wedding when the subway breaks down. Trapped in a dark and crowded subway car, a frustrated and angry Elaine realizes that she is going to miss the wedding altogether. Meanwhile, en route to Coney island, Jerry is surprised when he notices that a passenger sitting opposite is completely naked. Talking with Erwin about the upcoming baseball season, Jerry realizes that he enjoys the nude man's company and invites him to spend the afternoon at the amusement park.

As he is headed for the courthouse, Kramer overhears a hot tip on a horse race and, taking the six hundred dollars he was going to use to pay his fines, heads for the track. Betting it all and winning big, Kramer is followed by a thief who attempts to take his winnings before being thwarted by an undercover subway cop posing as a blind musician. Finally, draped in only a towel, George returns to the coffee shop to find his friends and get the spare key to his apartment.

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